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God loves Nadaline more that

God loves Nadaline more that everyone and I believe he did in his own time.  I pray that d Lord grants her heaven and I pray God gives d family a quick recovery IJN Amen.  

Condolences and Prayers

Our heartfelt condolences and prayers to you brother Don and your children at the loss of beautiful Nadaline. May God's Grace overshadow you and may His Comfort shield you in your pain and loss. May His peace which transcends all, garrison and mount guard over your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus as promised in Phillipians 4

Death,a transition to all

As we mourn the death of our dear sister,let us mourn as one with hope as death is a transition to be in glory with our maker and master.Even though its sad but we all shall pass through that way one day.So lets this hope be in us as we mourn that one day we shall her if we die in the Lord.

Condolences to the Osman family

It is often difficult to deal with the death of a loved one; it's even more difficult when that loved one has been so special in our lives. To the Osman family, only God can sustain you through these times; my prayers are with you. May the good Lord comfort you, strengthen you and give you grace to go through this season. It's painful and frankly time never really heals it ; only God can provide that healing balm that we sought often look for in other places. My heart is with you as you prepare to celebrate the life of Nadaline Osman. She fought the good fight of faith , relive those precious memories with the hope that she is resting in our Father's bosom. May her gentle soul continue to rest in peace.

Well Don Don

Man of God,
While listening to Rodney Howard Browne I marvelled at the Joy Unspeakable ripling through the congregation daily, even before the actual service starts. Nadaline is doing the same on her way to Heaven. I have told the children what is expected of them.
Now You Man of God, a while ago, you received an award for your good Deeds to Christ's People. Look around the house there are 3 Nadalines.Grace, Favour, and Thanksgiving.  You have been and continuing to do Good.I did say you have a Testimony Tell it Now. God Gave you the One Virtuous Woman who held the helm of your strength She has been as in Ps 128 and like the old woman who never gave up on her case with the Judge. There is only one headline in our mouths Don Done Well. you have no need to sorrow. I must congratulate you for having a Woman after God's Heart. She is the ONE no one found; YOU FOUND HER. HEAVEN IS PLEASED WITH YOU. YOU MENTORED AND PASTORED EACH OTHER AND LIVED TO SUFFER FOR CHRIST. SHOUT IT OUT LOUD BROTHER I HAVE THE BEST AND THERE IS NOTHING ELSE I WOULD WANT MORE THANK YOU LORD THANK YOU LORD THANK YOU LORD THANK YOU LORD THANK YOU LORD  THANK YOU LORD THANK YOU LORD THANK YOU  LORD. SORRY BROTHER YOU THOUGH SHE IS GONE? NO SHE IS URGING ME TO DO IT AGAIN, THANK YOU LORD THANK YOU LORD THANK YOU LORD THANK YOU LORD THANK YOU LORD THANK YOU LORD THANK YOU LORD THANK YOU LORD.. FOR ME I STILL FEEL HER ALIVE. WELL DONE DON.

My sympathy

Please accept my deepest sympathy at this difficult period.  Depend on his grace to see you through. 

God still sits on the throne

Donald, when we loose such a special person in our life, time seems to stop. However, it is important that you start to live again with a smile on your face so that you can make her soul happy, as she is still looking at you and the kids even if you can’t. No one will ever be able to forget your wife and your kids mother, as she will always be in our heart. I pray that the Almighty  give you the courage, support and strength to over come the situation. Take solace in Him, you and the kids, as the Lord still sits on the throne, and He is watching over you at this time of loss.

God's Angel

It seems surreal how the years, chapters and pages of your life have reached this untimely conclusion. I knew you as Aunty Nadaline, as a child I loved to come over on play dates with Nahari and Dionne but always had a special encounter with you every time I visited. I could never get enough of your warm spirit coupled with that smile that made every day appear at its brightest.

I wish I could've continued to see you for countless more years to come but I understand that God had a better plan for you. God put you on this earth for a reason and with that mission complete, you must continue on to other Godly Missions. You left us with beautiful memories and unique individual lessons to each of us you ever impacted. I thank God for your life ministry and witness on earth and for the privilege of getting to meet you. This is not goodbye but see you soon in heaven...

Stay strong Uncle Donald, Dionne, Nahari, and N'gadi. I will continue to keep you in my prayers

May the Lord comfort you all

May the Lord comfort you all.HE loves you dearly.



To the Osman Family


My family and I are deeply sorry for your loss. Auntie Nadline was a magnificent woman who was truly loved by all. May God give you and your family the strength needed in this difficult time.

Your in our prayers.


Our thoughts and prayers

Dear Donald and family
We really honestly feel sad at the departure of your dear dear wife and mum. We can all never understand why now & why in this way. I guess for as long as we live on this planet we may never understand.
You have been a blessing to many and a constant help to thousands if not hundreds of thousands of unseen people, the appreciation from whom, I am sure, is only truly seen but best from Heaven where Nadaline is privileged to now be. God, who is the author of life, has counted you worthy of comforting many many people. And today, you are being comforted by whatever extent we may try to muster.
Our prayer for you though, is that even in this circumstance, God Himself will make things as plain as can be, and bring you through to a blessing such as you have never experienced before in your life. 
Be strong! And may the Lord build you all up to the next level to the Glory and Honour of His Name.
We love you.
Matt & Ayeisha

Encouragement/ Tribute

My heart goes out 2 d entire family. U r in my thoughts & prayers. I av fond memories of Nadaline as she sat in d company of my sis. Constance(1957-2010). She was always smiling & her laugh can make u laugh even if u don't want 2 laugh. She will no doubt be missed by all who benefitted from her sweet & gentle spirit. While she was in coma, I united in prayer & fasting thinking of the relations bt esp. Dionne, Nahari & Ngadi. God answered all d prayers in his own way - giving her eternal rest. Be assured that God who sees, knows & cares, have done d best. He will keep u in his peace.

Deepest Sympathy

May the Holy Spirit fill the void in your home with his presence and may he comfort you at this your hour of loss. Nadaline is finally home with her father. Heaven Rejoices!!!

It is well

To the Osman Family, I offer my deepest and most sincere condolences. My words may not change anything in this siuation but may the Good Lord be your guiding support through these hard times. May he console you and bring you all closer together. To Dionne and Nahari whom I know from our high school days in Nairobi, my thoughts and prayers are continually with you. If your frienship, warmth and thoughtfulness that you have shown me over the years are a testimony of the kind of family you have been brought up in and the kind of mother you have, then Aunty Nadlinie did her job (and a fine one at that) well . Lord found that it was her time to come home. It is well my dear friends. Hugs. 

We are all in mourning

Words are not enough to express the shock, sadness and disappointment for the death of Nadaline. We are all in mourning not as much as the Osman and Easmon families. We tried. The prayers were enough. The fastings were enough. Her quality of life may not have been the  same if she had recovered. So God Almighty made the ultimate decision. For her to be with the angels on high.looking over the family. She is resting in peace.

We mourn your departure, but heaven rejoice to welcome you home.

I would remember my bubbly, caring sister who cared so much for others in such a selfless, Christ like, and impactful way!  Always reaching out to check and encourage, always interceding and praying for others, and ending her calls with a God bless you ya, me brother.  We will miss you, Nadaline, we will miss you!!!  Goodbye my Sister, sleep and take your rest on our Saviour's breast...


Sir Donald, Please accept my sincere and deepest condolences on the loss of your beloved wife, soulmate and mother of your children. Words cannot possibly express the pain and grief you all are going through at this time but be rest assured I will continue to have you in my prayers and pray that you all will be comforted and strengthened in the knowledge that Sis Nadaline is no longer in pain and is safe in the arms of Jesus!! 


Sorry for your loss. May the Good Lord bless her eternal life. May her soul rest in perfect peace. Take your rest my dear.


As you grieve, know that we are remembering your family with our prayers and honoring the memory of Nadaline.

Exemplary Life

Nadaline lived an exemplary life and was a mother and blessing to so many people. We thank God on every remembrance of her!


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