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Osh fo Berin

We are deeply sadden...words cannot express how we feel at this time. Our only consolation is knowing that without a shadow of a doubt that Aunty Nad is in a better place.Bra Don our prayers are with you and the children. Please accept our deepest condolences. RIP aunty Nad.


May the Lord continue to be with you all during this time of grief. He has all the answers to the questions we want to ask for his ways are not ours.  All the prayers were answered  in his own way because he cares. May the soul of  Nadaline rest in peace and may the Lord uphold you all now and always. In Jesus' name. Amen

I pray God shall renew your strength

Brother I am sorry for the loss of Nadaline. Your family has been a role model for us all. Philippians 4:13 says, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". I pray that the Lord renews your strength and restores your peace daily. Sometimes we have to take it one day at a time. I know I have had to do so. It shall be well Pastor Don. I pray the Lord shall continue to bless your family always. In Jesus mighty name I pray, Amen.

Heartfelt condolence on the passing of Nadaline

'All the way my Savior leads me. What have I to ask beside? Can I doubt his tender mercies who through life has been my Guide? Heavenly peace, divinest comfort, Here by faith in him to dwell! For I know , whate'er befall me, Jesus doeth all things best. For I know whate'er befall me, Jesus doeth all things well." ( Fanny J. Crosby) It was for times like this doleful period of irreperable loss that this hymn was written and may you guys take comfort and assurance that "Jesus doeth all things best."  

Nadline sleeps on......

To Donald and family......It will be the little things that you will remember, the quiet moments, the smiles, the laughter and although it may seem hard right now, it will be the memories of these little things that help push away the pain and bring the smiles back again. Take heart


1 Corinthians 15:51-58 (New International Version)
51 Listen, I tell you a mystery: We will not all sleep, but we will all be changed-- 52 in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed. 53 For the perishable must clothe itself with the imperishable, and the mortal with immortality. 54 When the perishable has been clothed with the imperishable, and the mortal with immortality, then the saying that is written will come true: "Death has been swallowed up in victory." 55 "Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?" 56 The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law. 57 But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. 58 Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.


Donald, please accept on behalf of myself and my family our heartfelt condolences on the homegoing of a beloved wife, mother, sister, loyal friend and worthy Ambassador for Christ.  Be comforted by the fact that Nadine lived her life always in the service of humankind and in the sharing of the Gospel.  Her memory will remain indelible no matter in what sphere of life one may wish to recall.  Her hostess skills were always impeccable and she used them to soothe us weary travellers who might have missed our flight connections from that Denver hub back to the Washington D C area. Her effortless ease at offering spiritually charged prayers would always be admired and all of these must bring you great strength to face the days ahead. Indeed a warrior never dies so this Prayer Warrior will live on in our hearts.  May you and the children derive added courage from knowing that the same God who brought back the Great Shepherd, will comfort you, the Osman and Easmon families, the Youth for Christ family worldwide and your circle of friends near and far.  Be assured that you have the prayers of your fellow colleagues of the Albert Academy Alumni Association, Washington D C Metro Chapter to sustain you at this time of grief.  "The souls of the righteous are in the hands of the Lord..." May she rest in perfect peace.

Depest condolences to the Osman and Easmon families

We prayed our hearts out that Nadaline would get well, but the Almighty had a better plan.  In the midst of our sorrow is a confounding, quiet and peaceful joy.  Yes, we believe Nadaline will be reunited with all the believers and will now see the whole picture "face to face" with her redeemer, Jesus Christ.  We thank the Lord for her life of service true to her faith and pray for Don and both families that they continue to accept the state of affairs with grace, courage and fortitude, standing on the promises of the Lord. 

The Strife is O'ver!

The strife is over, the battle is done; the victory of life is won and the triumph has begun.  Brother Donald and family, may the merciful and risen Jesus who endured so much pain so that our salvation could be procured; abide with you through cloud and sunshine.  You will never be alone.  Her spirit and God's blessings will forever be with you all. May her soul rest in eternal peace.

With Deepest Sympathy


Don, remember that God does not make mistake.  In good times let us praise him, in bad times let us praise him. At this time of grief let us thank him for the beautiful life of Nadline and the wonderful time you shared together.  We will continue to pray that Mother Earth will receive her body gently and Father Abrahim will receive her spirit into Paradise. Sleep Nadine sleep the time your God appoints is best.  Don do not mourn as one without hope but continue to pray that God will give you strength and courage to take care of the children. God bless

Rejoice at Nadaline's Homegoing

Tis sad but very true Donald, that Nadaline has defeated death & has reached Home. We are are only passing through & the destination is Eternity. The period on earth is like the period we are for 9 months in our mother's womb. We get to be very comfortable in that position and think it is complete happiness, cocooned in the womb. We resist being born because we do not know where we are going. The 1st act on being born is to wail, a cry of regret that we had been pushed out of our beautiful habitation. But then we begin to see the wonder of the new place we have arrived at: the trees, the birds, the sun, food, clothes, love etc. And we wondered why we hesitated to move on from the restricted space in the womb.
So Nadaline has moved on from this restricted earthly & sinful place, to the beautiful mansion Jesus promised He has gone to prepare for us. Death will one day surely reunite you both .
Keep the Faith. You both did not make a mistake by following and working for Jesus who made the following claims:
Jesus has welcomed her to millions of years of bliss, happiness & eternal rest.
Hush ya son. God will send the Comforter to enfold you & the children
Your in Christ
Aunty Sylvia .... (on behalf of the Blyden family)

My thoughts are with you!

On behalf of my family, we express our condonlences to you, and your entire family  for this great loss. Indeed cannot be put into any words The moment I saw the news  on Facebook I felt shock, disbelief, sadness, and pain for your family.
We are praying that God almighty will wipe away your tears, and give your family the Grace needed to move foward. & may she now rest from all her labours IJN.
God be with you and your family @ this time of grief.
Katovia & Family ------- Toronto Ontario.

Deepest Sympathy

Don! It is well. Nadi was indeed a 'Light house' that lit the lives of so many in the span of life that was given to her. I'm pretty sure when you recall the words of 'the lighthouse song' you use to sing so well you will find some encouragement and comfort at this time of grief. "Sometimes on the mount where the sun shines so bright, God leads His dear children along; Sometimes in the valley in the darkest of night, God leads His dear children along; Though sorrows befall us and satan oppose, God leads His dear children along; Through grace we can conquer, defeat all our foes, God leads His dear children along. Some through the waters, some through the flood; Some through the fire but all through the blood; Some through great sorrow, but God gives a song, in the night season and all the day long." Sing the song of the redeemed and be of good courage - The Lord is with you all.

A life well lived and a legacy to celebrate

Mrs Nadaline Osman was an example of a godly woman who was a strong pillar and support to the ministry of Sir Don and all those she came in contact with. Her life will be remembered for her passion for pleasing the Lord and sacrificially living to affect the lives and destinies of young people on the African continent and around the world.
She was one of the faithful saints who truly walked in love, submission and dedication to the Lord.
Though you leave us as the junction of life, your legacy and works live on.
You will always be remembered for your many contributions.
Thanks for serving along with your husband as missionaries of Youth for Christ in my country Liberia many years ago.
Rest in peace Mama Nadaline.
Mathias Teepa BUMIE
(A Liberian missionary in Johannesburg, South Africa)

Fought a Good Fight

Nadaline, you foght a good fight. and you have finshed the race. The beauty of it all is that you WON! We at Kingdom Connetction Christian Center, Aurora Colorado miss you. As part of the leadership of the church, you have left a big vacuum which only Jesus alone can fill. With heavy heart but praise on our lips we sowed you as a seed for more souls to be born into the Kingdom of God. We love you but God loves you more.
To the rest of the Osman's family, please let us continue to praise God for we a re encouraged by your faith and service to humanity. 
Please accept our condolences!


Dear Donald and family, my heartfelt condolences to you and your family. I will pray for you all and for all those who will miss Nadaline. WHat a great day when we will all be together with Jesus and nothing will ever separate us again! God be with you all!


Mr. Osman,
 As you grieve for your wife and mother, remember that God is with you all every minute of the day. He will continue to give you all strength during this time of your loss. My prayers and thought are with you and your family. Please extend my sympathy to Aunty Claire.
God Bless

It is well, it is well with her soul.

Even though we hadn't seen her in many years, we always felt privileged in our connection with Nadaline -- for me, ever since early childhood; for Ron, ever since his first years living in Sierra Leone over 37 years ago. We thank God for the beauty of her life and her faithful commitment to Jesus, family and friends. She edified our souls.  We look forward to seeing her again one day in heaven. Don, Ron has sent you a private email as well. Claire, you remain deeply embedded in our hearts and always will be.

Heartfelt Sympathy

My sincere and heartfelt sympathy to the Ousman & Easmon Family for the irreparable loss of a Wife, a Mother, a Sister, an ardent Christian. May her soul rest in peace.

Condolences to the Osman family.

I am terribly shocked about Mrs. Nadaline Osman's death.  She was my teacher at Harford Secondary School, Moyamba.  Mrs. Osman used to caught up with me with my tricky ways, but would let me get away with it.  She used to invite me to her quarters; feed me and joke around before leaving.  I have fond memories of her at her quarters.  She was patient person, helpful teacher and a second parent.  She was so beautiful and classic. This is such a huge loss and I pray that Allah gives you the strength you need to go through this. May her soul rest in peace.


Though we know that life on earth is short, however the memory of a life well spent is eternal.  May the peace that comes from the memories shared with Nadaline, who we know is with the the Great Creator, comfort you now and in the years ahead.  Don, wishing you and the family as much peace as possible during this difficult time.

Sadness of heart but joy in the spirit

I did not get to meet this lady Icon but know my brother Donald and today realise he could only have done all he did with the support of this gem that has returned to her maker . Just by these any posts the message is clear she is gone to her father ! Take heart bro Donald heaven is smiling as she joins that infinitesimal myriad of angels singing glory to ourGod ! I am encouraged ŷ the fact that aGeneral has gone home . God strengthen you all ,.
Dr Momodu Conteh

The Light that Never Wanes

The days may seem fleeting, the nights endless but the light never wanes. Nadaline will shine in your lives forever; with everything that you do, wherever you go and whenever you see the light, remember - she will be there. Don and family, please take heart and trust in God's abounding love, for He will see you through every step of the way until you all meet again. For the short time I got to know Nadaline, we built an endearing friendship that seemed to transcend time. Now, all I keep with me is the memories. God speed Nadaline!! We shall meet on the other side. RIP.
Eunice, Stella and our boys

My deepest sympathy.

My  deepest sympthy, may God give you all the strength that you need at this time of grife. Remember that she is in a better place. safein the hands of the Lord. 
keep the faith and hold on to his mercy and grace. love you all. 

May God be with you.

Dearest Donald and family, we extend our sincerest sympathy on the passing away of Nadine. We will never be able to say we know how you feel, because no one could have loved Nadine like you did. However we do know that the God of Peace and Comfort and Strength Whom you stand before will also stand up for you now. Our family will continue to lift your family up in prayers. We love you my friend.

Our deepest condolences

Dear Don, N'gadi, Dionne, Nahari, friends and loved ones,
May the Lord comfort you all at this time and give you courage to face the days to come.
Remembering you in our prayers, The Mburu's.

Nad.'s faith was not in vain!

Don & Children: We celeberate Nad. knowing she lived her life in the Lord. Based on I Corinthians 15, we know we will be reunited with her again. 


Don, my sincerest condolences on your unimaginable loss.  I know your faith in God will comfort you.  I only met  Nadaline a couple of times and her spirit is a warm and beautiful.  I'm sorry i won't have a chance to know her better.  My heart and prayers are with you.


On behalf my all the Sierra Leoneans in Finland. I wish to extend our deepest and warmest condolence greetings message to the families and friends of the Late  Mrs  Nadaline Osman,  MAY HER SOUL REST IN PERFECT PEACE.

My Sympathy

Nadaline -  Her infectious laughter and cheerful nature has always brought joy to everyone's lives.
Don and family, we know you'll  miss her terribly, and we will  miss her just as much. We will continue to honor her memory and have you in our prayers. You are not alone, we are with you.  Nadaline is safe in the arms of Jesus, safe on His gentle breast.


May her soul rest in peace and give her confort and may god grant u and ur family the strength to go through this terrible loss.


It is with a heavy heart that I extend to my deepest condolence to you and your wonderful family brother Don. During this moment of grief, I pray that God will be with your every thoughts. May He take every steps with you as you prepare the departure of your dear one. Let the reflection of the great times you've spent together be your strength, so that your family will continue to be the cohesive unit it has always been. God bless.

Thinking of all of you

Love and prayers to you all! I am thinking of you all during this tough time. I pray that you can find comfort in all the words you hear from the myriad of people loving on you and lifting you up during this time. I remember Ms. Osman as always smiling, radiant and beautiful! I know her life was a blessing to all she came in contact with and she nurtured and built a wonderful family. i wish i could be there in person to support you but know in spirit I am with you all.

     We who remain behind

     We who remain behind greive because Nadaline's Home-going leaves a very big empty spot in our hearts and daily lives.......but we do not mourn as those who have no hope.  I love to think of her joy at being in Heaven.  She loved and faithfully served her Lord, and now she sees His face.  I have to wonder if my parents were there to meet her and greet her.......what fun they will have together again.
     I often thot of Nadaline as a "firecracker."  She was so alive, so enthusiastic, so full of joy and laughter......often so crazy (in a good way!!)  I spoke to her on the phone a few weeks before she got sick and she had me laughing till I was tired, and wiping tears from laughing so hard.........she made my day!   But the other side of her was equally special.  When she prayed, I also wiped tears.  It was so obvious that she knew and loved the Person to Whom she prayed...very few people in my life have touched my heart as Nadaline did when I listened to her pray.  I knew that she prayed for me, and that meant a lot to me!   I miss her already, but I thank God for blessing my life with this sister. 

My Sympathy to the Osman Family

My deepest sympathy to you and the kids, when someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.
The angels are always near to those who are grieving, to whisper to them that their loved ones are safe in the hand of God. ~Quoted in The Angels' Little Instruction Book by Eileen Elias Freeman, 1994
Take heart

Deepest condolences

Don, Vasco, Dionne, Nahari and Ngadi pls take heart.  Your wife/mum was a great follower of the Master (Jesus Christ) till the very end.  What greater blessing is there than to have been a great ambassador of the kingdom of God on earth!  As christians, we believe Nadaline is now safe in the arms of her saviour, and all is well.  Don and all, we admire the faith and courage you have displayed in these trying times.  May the Lord continue to strengthen you and give you all his grace and wisdom to overcome.
It is well, it is well, it is well with my soul!

Let him Comfort you.

Don let God be your comforter in this time of loss.  He knows your pain and sorrow and he cares.  Never forget his love for you and your family during this time and always.  May God continue to bless and keep you.

My Sincere Condolence.

Extending my deepest sympathy for your loss. Bear in mind Donald that life has not ended for the family, just changed. Hold tight to memoreis for comfort.

See you later Mummy Nadline

Uncle Oluwole, Adedoinne, Adengadi, the Canada young man, the Lord is your strength, stay strong, it is well with you in Jesus name.


I was not fortunate to meet Mrs. Nadaline Osman in person, but from the words of my wife Sarah G. Suma whom she taught in school, she was very kind, compassionate and spiritual. And from the words of my friend and brother Don who always speaks highly of his dear wife she had a gift for kindness. I wish I was fortunate to meet her in this world, but I believe we shall meet some day in heaven. However, as she goes on in peace let us remember her for the many acts of kindness she offered to many strangers, the lives she touched and the broken hearts she was able to put together.
In this world while others draw strength from being competitive, Nadaline drew strength and vitality from being kind.
Kindness is suppose to be offered absolutely free with no strings attached, it defines friendship and does not have to be dramatic. Rightly so Nadaline never wanted to be in the limelight. She may not have been dramatic about her acts of kindness but the good lord would remember her for it and for it she would be in heaven waiting to welcome us.
So, to the Osman family I would say wipe your tears, and celebrate her life and thank GOD for the life she shared with you and for her good deeds. The Suma family shares your grief and we join you to thank and glorify the good lord for the days she shared with us in this world. Let her precious memories of kindness be of comfort to you, to the friends and to those of us who happen to know her through the words of others. Just believe her soul is resting in peace smiling down at us all.


My sincere and heart felt condolences go to you Mr Osman and the entire family, may you and your family find a way to accept this huge loss and May God fill the Gap your dear wife has left. God knows best and we will never question these life events. Take heart and put all in prayer to the one and only God we serve . RIP Mrs Nadaline. Sleep on and take your rest.

Our Sympathy

Donald and Family:
The Iron Sharpens Iron Family from Newark, Delaware extends our heartfelt  sympathy to you and your family.  Nadeline was indeed a prayer warrior and I admire
how you stood in the gap praying fervertently.  I am sure Nadeline was pleased with all you and the family did on her behalf, however being with Jesus was her desire.
Let's treasure all the good memories that Nadeline brought to our lives.  Keep the faith and remain prayerful.  Our family will continue to pray for you
P.S. I leave with you this scripture from Corinthians:
 For we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, an house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.
2 For in this we groan, earnestly desiring to be clothed upon with our house which is from heaven:
3 If so be that being clothed we shall not be found naked.
4 For we that are in this tabernacle do groan, being burdened: not for that we would be unclothed, but clothed upon, that mortality might be swallowed up of life.
5 Now he that hath wrought us for the selfsame thing is God, who also hath given unto us the earnest of the Spirit.
6 Therefore we are always confident, knowing that, whilst we are at home in the body, we are absent from the Lord:
7 (For we walk by faith, not by sight:)
8 We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.


One thing in life that is very difficult to explain is dead. But the three hardest task also in life is either physical feats nor interllectual achivement  but moral acts. Mama Nadaline Osman has fought a good fight of faith but death has hold her captive.
May the  Good Lord to  continue  shine  and bless  Osman Family  and keep them  and cause His face to shine upon the entire family  and be gracious to you in all that you are doing and planning to achieve,
Sleep well Mama Osman may you rest the bossom hands of the most Gracious Lord and forever Till we meet again Mama we Love but Jesus loves you more. Sleep well.  mama Osman. RIP

My Sincere Condolence

Jimmi Bagbo,
Bo District, Sierra Leone.
Dear Mr Osman,
On behalf of the Sese Koker family, I wish to extend our sincere sympathy in your bereavement ofyour wife, Mrs Nadaline Osman. She was a wonderful person.
May the love of your family and friends comfort and strengthen you in the difficult days ahead.Know that your sorrow is shared by everyone who knew and loved your wife.
With deepest sympathy,
Mohamed Sese Koker.

We are so saddened to hear of

We are so saddened to hear of Nadalines passing. We rejoice knowing she is with our Lord and we praise Him for allowing us the gift of knowing her. She truely is a wonderful person, full of Gods Spirit.
She honestly showed Gods love in every smile she shared.

My sympathy

May the grace of our Lord  be with the departed soul of our dear sister and may the family be strong and courageous to overcome the pain and sorrow left by her death


Our Sister, Nadaline has fought the Good Fight. She has finished the Race. She has kept the Faith. Now she has received the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge had laid up waiting for her!  (2 Timothy 4:7)

With Don, Vasco, Dionne, Nahari, and Ngadi, we are comforted in knowing where she has gone and where she is; that she rejoices now worshipping before the throne of her Everlasying King and Savior.  

With sympathy

Dear Donald, Dionne,Nahari,N'gadi, the Osman, Easmon and other family members, please accept my heartfelt sympathy for your loss. Nadaline is safe now and free from all her pain. May her precious soul rest in perfect peace. May you all know the peace that passes all understanding and may time heal your wounds. God Bless you all. 

Condonlence to the Osman family

Don and family pls accept our deepest sympathy for your loss. Nadaline was a  nice and sweet lady and always smiling, Iam sure she is smiling up there right now. The Lord has a reason for everything. I pray that God will bless and comfort u all.


On behalf of my family and I, we sympathies with you for your wife who went to rest on the right hand of our Lord. Though we love sister Nadaline, we know that the Lord loves her more. The Lord will comfort and strengthen you and the children. May her soul rest in perfect peace.


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